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Full Version: Cant get rid of music info overlay during visualization
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This is the only thing that I do not like about the Quartz skin.

I like the fact it is probably the best skin if you want to have a home menu custom background.
(menu transparency)

I like the fact that it has been recently updated.
(several skins are old and though they work in v20, they cause v20 to fail on Quit)

If someone knows of a way to get rid of the music information overlay,
(so its not spamming over a running visualization)
let me know.

Yes I did try typing "I". Nothing happened.
The behavior of the fullscreen music player is hard-wired. It would take a code change to alter it.
Do you mean hard coded in Quartz?

Because under Confluence, the "I" key succeeds in removing the information overlay.

It does not remove it under Quartz.

If you do mean hard coded under Quartz, then yes I am respectfully asking for this feature to be added.
I am hoping if an Omega version comes out, that this issue is at least reviewed.