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Full Version: Compile Kodi Windows 11
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Hi @Fuzzard @jogal @CrystalP
Please I reinstall CMake and Visual Studio 2022, and now I get one error when compiling using buildsetup. Kodi Nexus 20.2

No previous code, all clean, dependencies is fine.

Read here where appear the issue


How I fix this issue, please?


I think you possibly mean @jogal (theaxi is only git username) and perhaps @CrystalP could help.
@jjd-uk, thanks.
I haven't encountered that error before but I typically have to do a deep clean of the build directory when upgrading VS Studio because of the cmake cached information.
Easiest way is to delete it if you don't have anything to preserve (the C:/xbmc-nexus/kodi-build.x64 directory)
Latest stable cmake 3.26.4 and up to date VS 2022 work fine here.
Maybe @jogal saw this problem before.
@CrystalP, I uninistall Visual studio 2022 and install 2019 version, and work great again, thanks.
that works too :-)