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Full Version: Moonlight.AppID
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Run Moonlight with Appid parameters from shortcuts

Happy shield owner here. (first time releasing anything here)
I wanted a way to easily create direct shortcuts from sunshine in kodi, Especially Playnite (game library management and game launcher frontend)
So I created a launcher app for Moonlight to allow this.
Get the files here: https://visionair3d.com/app/MoonlightAppid.rar

1 grant your device developer options and enable network debugging

2 Install the following software

Install Steam on your PC 

Install Sunshine on your PC

Install Moonlight on your Nvidia Shield or android device and pair it with Sunshine 

Install Playnite on your PC

3 We want to run playnite trough steam for easy joystick connection, for this we ned the Steam link url
-Add Playnite.FullscreenApp.exe to steam. select Games> add non steam game to library
-select playnite in your games list right click and select Manage> add desktop shortcut
-check the properties of the added shortcut on your desktop and copy the url
(mine is steam://rungameid/16111839318644883456)

4 Assuming steam is installed in c:\Program Files (x86)\steam copy the playnite.bat batch file on your pc. (note that if you have a different url for playnite in steam you should update the batch file accordingly.)
This batch file will start steam silently and runs playnite trough steam. Sunshine is connected to this batch file and looks for this app to keep the connection with moonlight. The batch file stays running minimalized during the use of playnite. It allows switching between the full screen and desktop app of playnite, and auto closes the batch file when playnite exits, therefore also closing the connection with moonlight automatically 

5 Add playnite.bat to sunshine through the web interface

6 Open the Moonlight app on your android device and select the icon of your connected pc. hold the button for the menu to pop up, select “view details” 
copy the UUID and Machine name of your PC
In moonlight click the icon of your connected pc to go to the menu with linked apps. Search for the Playnite app and select view details. 
Copy the ID of the app in my playnite example it’s 1593045563

7 Install moonlight.appid app on your android device and grant it permission to draw over other apps and grand it permission for files and media access. 

8 Open moonlight.app and setup should begin on first run. Paste in your UUID and Machine name that you copied from before.
I use an additional wake on lan app (created with wolon and tasker) that is a bit faster and more aggressive than the built in stuff. feel free to input your own app or skip this step by pressing cancel.
Optionally enter your ID of the app to auto start. But its best to let it default to Moonlight and use command line parameters to start the wanted app, so click cancel again. 
This should complete your installation and take you to Moonlight directly connected to your pc. (Note that moonlight runs excluded from recent apps so it doesn't clutter your screen after running the app)
Shortcuts can now be created linking to appid’s
the appid is passed as the data parameter in your shortcut to your app, the data parameter is the third parameter so the appname and parameter will be separated with 3 commas so in my playnite case it’s moonlight.appid,,,1593045563

9 In kodi add the following shortcuts is super favorites or auto widget
Super favorites: 
ExecuteBullitin > StartAndroidActivity(moonlight.appid,,,1593045563
Autowidget: androidapp://sources/apps/moonlight.appid,,,1593045563
Test the link and it should take you directly to your app

Other features

kills bluetooth and reconnects. This will turn off all connected joysticks and after a few seconds reconnects the remote. it beats holding DOWN the home button on my ps remote for 10 boring seconds. 

Run the moonlight.appId without arguments to run moonlight (excluded from recent apps) or the AppId defined at the setup

The settings for moonlight.appid are stored in the documents folder in the file Moonlightsettings.txt delete this file to run setup again when you first start the app.

Live long and prosper,
Maybe a video explains things better Wink