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Full Version: Kodi won't launch with AppTV theme installed on Raspberry Pi OS
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On my Raspberry Pi, I installed Kodi and the AppTV theme, and after installing the AppTV theme, Kodi will launch but then immediately crash and it also takes way too long to load.
https://paste.kodi.tv/elulivunuz.kodi was the crashlog from the most recent time I opened Kodi.
(2023-08-12, 03:49)x215 Wrote: [ -> ]https://paste.kodi.tv/elulivunuz.kodi was the crashlog from the most recent time I opened Kodi.
@x215 ,

first of all well done for posting this in the correct place, too many people are posting over on my Github and wasting everyone’s time.

Now unfortunately your Kodi setup is running the standard debug level which does not provide much in the way of useful information, so I will be guessing to a large degree here.

The log ends with an attempt to load a addon settings screen, what was the addon you were trying to change the settings for? Also you are running v19.4 of Kodi is there a reason you are not at least running version 19.5 or even the current v20 branch?

From the very limited information provided by the log, at this stage I would say it is more likely a addon causing the problem. I would suggest you set the debug level to 2 in the Advancedsetting.xml and try again. Then repost the crash file here as you did last time and I will see if I can help a bit more.

Good luck