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Full Version: PVR progress bar time display
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I'm running Mimic LR with v20. I use it mostly for PVR use with tvheadend.

For some reason the run times are not really working well in the info screen. The duration starts at 00.00 when I change to a channel, and remaining time is set as 'now'. Also the start and end time in the bottom bar is just set to the time it is now.

See in this screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/jbCkgF4
The screenshot was taken at 19:14, hence that time in the bar on the bottom.

In the EPG or channel list the info is right, the correct start and end times etc. This happens with all channels, not just this example.

Is this something wrong in my setup and can I change it? Or is it a bug in the PVR OSD?

Thanks Smile

Edit: I found the problem. With the introduction of Leia, several of the skinning infolabels for PVR use have changed, but Mimic still uses the old ones.
See: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=298565 and https://alwinesch.github.io/modules__inf...tions.html

I'll go and try if I can edit the .xml files to do what I want them to do. Some of the labels just need renaming (like time elapsed and remaining), but some others (like the times in the seekbar) also need some conditional formatting, because the labels are now different for PVR and regular video files. I'm not sure how this should work with timeshifting though.
If you hit "pause" on live tv (assuming you are using a PVR backend which supports pausing live tv),  you'll notice the the times reflect what is in the play buffer.  (times increase as the play buffer grows), which, will then tell you how far "behind" you may be, and if there's any point trying to skip ahead over commercials, or how far back you can rewind)

To me, that always seemed like proper behavior for live tv.

I'm guessing what you are hoping to see is the epg start and end times of the show, regardless of whether or not it's in the buffer for you to rewind for fast-forward to?
I'll have to look into that.  Any changes to that behavior would a settings option.
From reading the pull request for the feature,  the idea appears to be to [somehow] display both the buffer, and the epg position at the same time.
It's a bit confusing, and there seem to be a dozen or more info labels to deal with it.  (I see the words on the descriptions for the new info labels, but somehow those words do not enlighten me as to what half of those labels actually represent)  I think it will take a bit of experimentation to work out.