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Full Version: Playing Media not following song title
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Hello all,

Kodi 20.2.

I have my Music stored on my local NAS and have Kodi using that as a Music source.

If I select an Album | press OK on the first track | that track starts playing. When that track ends the next track starts playing, however the first track is still hightlighted with its information on the left side. Not the track now playing.
Why does not the information on the left change showing the track information as it advances from one track to the next?

Example Playing tracking 3, but showing track 1.

Because that view is for browsing your music only, so it's always the details of the selected item. You either need to switch to Current Playlist on the side menu then select Now Playing view or switch to fullscreen music window.
In general it's a Kodi "feature".  The song info dialog, and much of the actual information is only available for the focused item in a list.  There's no way for a skin to "auto-focus" the currently playing item.  Separately there is info available for the currently playing item, and a skin can display that as an option but it isn't 100% the same (but might be close enough for your needs).  The only away around it is to use "party mode" because the playing item is always the first in the playlist.  Maybe an addon could work around that.

scott s.
Like jjd-uk stated, Go to Playlist then change to the Now Playing view and you end up with the following...

Pressing n on your keyboard will jump you straight to playlist view.

That is a useful feature in Estuary that shows info on the "now playing" item on the right.

scott s.
Thank you everyone, very helpful and solved my problem.