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Full Version: Movie Library now shows "release date" instead of original "year"
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My Kodi scrapers use local information only. My .nfo files include both tags "year" and "release date". 

The latter often seems to relate to the release of e.g. a dvd-version. 

Lately, my Kodi movie library presents/interprets this "release date" info as "year", which is very confusing when sorting by year. 
The Great Escape ain't no 1999 movie, for example. 

I cannot find an advancedsetting to fix this. Can this change perhaps be either reversed or made optional by an additional setting on the skin level?
Thanks for reporting the issue.

Can you please describe in detail where you experience this and post some screenshots?
I experience it pretty everywhere, here are two exemplary screenshots. 

And the tag which causes this problem is rooted in the .nfo, here's the relevant extract: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--created on 2023-07-21 22:53:37 - tinyMediaManager 4.3.12-->

(2023-11-04, 11:49)skippr Wrote: [ -> ]  <premiered>1999-08-13</premiered>
Your nfo file is wrong. The skin is not at fault.

You need to check why your nfo files are being created with the wrong date.
<year>1958</year> is an obsolete tag.
<premiered> is the correct tag to use.
thanks for the info! 

so I will follow this rabbit hole...
(2023-11-04, 12:12)skippr Wrote: [ -> ]so I will follow this rabbit hole...
If you are intentionally changing the date in the premiered tag to keep track of when you added the movie to the library, then you should be using the following tag in your nfo file...

oh no, that's not the case, nothing intentionally going on here :-D

I identified the problem: when tinymediamanager scrapes imdb, it seems to pick the latest regional "premiere" date offered. 

and imdb lists lots of premiere dates!

so I checked my entire database for entries where year and premiere date differ in YYYY; and rescraped them using tmdb.
(having the option to change which tag kodi skin uses would have been far easier for me if , but I understand that this is a
very individual situation not worth anyone else's troubles.)

and learned my lesson to rely less and less on imdb, it offers ever new troubles so tmm probably can't keep up to compensate.