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Full Version: Close Menu Automatically Feature
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Running Nexus 20.1 with Aeon MQ9 on Nvidia shield with all updates.

I have newly configured the MQ9 skin and this feature    [ Close Menu Automatically]    which is not working. I'm not sure but I believe it was working on my initial install. The only place I see to enable it and set the number of seconds before it will close the menu is under settings when the player is running. I was wondering if it exists elsewhere in a general setting and maybe I have it disabled elsewhere. Is there a possibly a conflict from another setting is preventing it from working? I have restarted the skin, switched back and forth with other skins along with rebooting the Shield. I killed the Kodi app running in the background after closing and restarted also.  Is there a way to clear the cache? Could that have any influence on the issue? I've changed the seconds in the player settings with no luck there as well.

I really don't want to delete the xml settings and start from scratch or reload restart entirely. 

Any thoughts suggestions are appreciated.

Hats off to the developers. I love the skin and how configurable it is. Such a great build and design.