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Full Version: Prevent recording of movie/episode if it exist on disk?
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Is there an option in Kodi to prevent duplicates? 4000+ recordings in my library.

I downloaded Kodi for the first time 3 days ago.
Which PVR service are you using?
NextPVR and Conflate skin
I am not familiar with NextPVR, but it does seem to have (limited) options to avoid duplicates


I switched to TVHeadend some time ago from a solution with even fewer options. Tvh provides a number of criteria to handle duplicates, and does a great job at it.

Hope it helps.
I am chose NextPVR because it is recommended for new users.
I will try TVHeadEnd. Thanks.
Maybe first have a look at the option in NPVR, see how that works.
I must add that TvHeadend might have a bit of a steep learning curve for first time users, at least that's the feedback I have gotten before.

Good luck and have fun 😊
I'll move your thread to the NextPVR forum and hopefully the developer there can help.
From google it seems tvh can not run on Windows. I am using Windows.
If a Linux backend is not an option, than that voids TvHeadend indeed.
I will investigate using MediaPortal with Kodi.
NextPVR certainly has a option to not record duplicates and also an option to only record new episodes. Check the Settings General page in NextPVR web page.

These options are based on the guide data so the richer the metadata the better the experroence.

Not sure how much info you will get from users who don't use NextPVR. In general the NextPVR forum and wiki will give you more help than you will get here, which usually Kodi specific