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I attempted to PR some of these changes years ago to the official add-on but never got any response
I therefore decided to fork and maintain my own version with the tweaks I like
Will take a look but I'm out of town ATM so kind of limited.  I did a hack (sort-of) on global search for a user to provide settings option to search all artists (i.e., role artists) or just performing artists for music.  I never got around to doing a PR as the source was on gitlab and while I did have an account I would have had to rework my git repo locally.  If interested I could probably fit it into a PR.

scott s.
since you are king of streaming addons, any chance of expanding to search your installed addons or a justwatch api which would do the same?
I've had a global search tool in the Mezzmo Kodi addon (same as searching Kodi databases) for a number of years.  It's been pretty popular, if you want to get any ideas from it..  You can see how it works here and screenshots.  It supports being able to select by media type, and various attributes including artist, creator, album, description etc...  

Just an FYI for feature ideas.

@matthuisman BUG: Container.Content no longer works which means my info labels don't get displayed.

Global search


Global search+

Thanks for letting me know

Are you able to please open an issue here:

Otherwise I might forget about it 😂
fixed now with v99.0.10
Will there be support for webdav search?
Is that content available on WebDAV but not scanned into the Kodi library?
I don't know, is there a way to make it scan into library?
Yes. I use WebDAV for my library. Just add it as a media source just like would with SMB etc. then scan it in to kodis library. Once it's in the library, the search will work
Thank you for your Add-on. Installed in on my Kodi (which uses Actic Zephyr Reloaded skin), Kodi said it would uninstall Global Search (sans +) first, then fretted that that was used by the skin so couldn't do it, but still installed GS+ alongside the original anyways, and it works.
Wonder if you plan on developing it further. Maybe I am alone in lacking better search functionality, but it seems to me it would be great to include options to search by various metadata fields as well, primarily Original Title for movies and show episodes, and in Tags.
My media library is organized so as to preserve original non-English titles of the media in the Original Title field, and currently I see no way to search by these names. Same goes for tags, yes, you can search by them in the Tags submenu if the skin has it or you've added it there yourself, but it would be only logical to make them searchable in global search as well, which is the logical place to search for stuff, and has search history.
If you were to include these fields (and perhaps other fields as well, though I personally don't care for anything else), as an option, that would make your search more "global" and "+", and me - one happy camper Smile
script.globalsearch -> v99.0.13 released which adds settings for

1) Search in Title (default true)
2) Search in Original Title (default true)
3) Search in Tags (default false)

These apply to Movies / Tv Shows / Episodes

Hopefully that works for you Smile