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Full Version: Disable core dump files on webOS
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Hey guys,

I have Kodi installed on my LG C2 TV using the webOS Dev Manager app. I found the TV ran out of storage space because of core dump files ex: "core.10481".
Is there a way to disable generating these files or auto-delete them?

Did you find a way how to disable it ? These core files are created also on proper exit of an application but are usually small - only 300kB or so but if it crashed these folders are 200MB or bigger which will kill your free space since C1 has only 3GB of memory, codi take 1GB or so and there are another system files so with clear installation i Have ~800MB free. After 3  or so crashes I'm full and KODI behaves unstable.

Would be great if there is a way how to disable this.
No, I didn't find a solution to disable it. I did a workaround to manually remove these files from inside Kodi by adding the Kodi data path to the Kodi File Manager (File manager -> Add source -> Browse).
Can you share the location of these files?
Ok thanks - could not see any of those files at that location.
(2024-04-07, 11:44)oldpainless Wrote: [ -> ]Ok thanks - could not see any of those files at that location.


Core dump files are memory dump files generated for debug purposes AFAIK, probably your Kodi hasn't had a crash, that's why you don't have them.
Many thanks oldpainless for this image. If you can please read my recent thread: How to erase a backup in which I'm asking for some help using WebOS Dev Manager to delete a kodi backup I don't need any more.
Maybe you can give the path to achieve this.
Many thanks in advance.
Can't help I'm afraid, as I've uninstalled KODI WebOS, for now.