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Full Version: [MOD] Aeon MQ5 for Kodi Omega v21.0 +
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For anyone still using Aeon MQ5, I have a new mod version that works in Omega ver 21.0 +.

Aeon MQ5 OmegaMod 13.8.0
Update 2024 03 31

Here's a few new capabilities:
Support for Kodi movie "versions" and "extras".  Versions now have their own "media case" for which you can select a color with the color picker, and a default "sticker" image for "versions".   All video window views have been updated to provide indicators for versions and extras.

Support for the new (Kodi Omega) game controller dialogs.

It is recommended that you install the skin from my Aeon MQ5 Skin repo to ensure all dependencies can be installed when installing. 

If updating from previous beta versions of the omegamod skin not that you have to go to "skin settings / media cases" and select a case color and sticker for the new "versions" case.

Required dependencies for this skin (version is the minimum version required).

From Kodi offical repo:

"script.artistslideshow" version="3.3.0"
"script.favourites" version="8.1.2"
"script.globalsearch" version="9.0.0"
"script.image.resource.select" version="3.0.0"
"script.playalbum" version="4.0.0"
"script.toolbox" version="2.0.0"

From Aeon MQ5 Skin Repo 11.2.0:

"script.randomandlastitems" version="2.2.2+matrix.6"
"service.skin.widgets" version="0.0.33+matrix.3"

I also provide some other addons in the repo that I updated to Python 3 or are available elsewhere but provided for convenience.

Repo is here:
Aeon MQ5 Skin Repository 11.2.0

Direct link to skin:
Aeon MQ5 Omega Mod 13.8.0

scott s.