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Full Version: Playback engine stops when sending "Player.GoTo" in quick sequence
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It was reported in this forum post that Kodi stops playback of a PartyMode playlist when pressing the skip button in the iOS Remote App in quick sequence. Testing showed that this happens also when playing a playlist without PartyMode. To reproduce this you can have a playlist of 10 songs, play the first one and then press "next" button 5-6 times in really quick sequence.

Detail 1:
The iOS Remote App sends following JSON command when pressing the skip button on either the playlist, NowPlaying or Remote screen:
{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Player.GoTo","params":{"to":"next"}, "id":2}

Detail 2:
I can see in the working case that for each skip-event Kode sends back player notifications in the sequence "Player.OnStop" > "Player.OnPlay" > "Player.OnAVStart". In the non-working case the order is not kept and the "Player.OnAVStart" notification is not received.

Detail 3:
When I let the iOS Remote App pause before sending a next command (I tried by simple hardcoding with 0.6s) this problem does not occur.

Detail 4:
In the initial forum post it was stated this does not happen when using skip buttons of a physical remote.

To me this looks like a race condition inside then playback/playlist handling of Kodi when processing JSON playback commands.
Raised a GitHub issue now: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/25134