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Full Version: How to erase a backup
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Hi every one,
I've installed Kodi 21.0 on my LG tv WebOS 6.0 model UP78006LB and is working fine. The only problem is that by default backups are saved in the root of the system and I can't access to such folder to erase an older backup.
Is there any workaround to erase it and keep in the system the last backup I did?
Many thanks in advance for your help.
Try using the file manager built into Kodi.

If Kodi is able to write to the folder, it should be able to delete from it too.
Many thanks DarrenHill.
I will try !
Hi again,
I couldn´t delete an old kodi backup using file manager. As you can imagine I´m a newbie....
Maybe a workaround is to use WebOS Dev Manager to find the folder where are all backups. If this is possible I´ll appreciate if you can help me with the path (location) of such folder.
I don't own a webOS TV, so I can't help much more I'm afraid.
Will have to leave it to others who do and can maybe assist.
Hi again,
anyone else know how to delete a kodi backup without rooting the tv?
Thanks in advance for your help!!!
Hi again, I've found a workaround uninstalling kodi and then with webOS Dev Manager have done a new installation. After this the root of my LG webOS TV doesn't have old kodi backups any more!!!!
Thread marked solved.