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Full Version: older versions
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where can i get older versions of kodi im looking for webos version 17 or 18
You can't. Support for webOS has only been introduced recently, so those older versions do not exist.

In any case, as we reported recently support for those old Python 2 based versions is no longer offered on any platform, as that language is also retired and depreciated.
i found this webpage is it developed by kodi?


can get the version 18.2 apk there
That site is nothing to do with us.

The APK is for Android and not webOS - if you want Android then you can get that from our mirrors, but it won't work on webOS.
ok to bad =(

the new version of kodi dont work so fine to play movies in full hd 1080p with usb stick, if you can look futher on this

I don't own a webOS TV so can't comment there, and will have to leave it to others.

But other people seem to be doing OK with this version.
ok thanks for your help
i think im in the wrong section it is apk i should use because i have a google tv but now i have one concern wich one should i use arm arm64 or x86?
APK is the Android file format (webOS is IPK).

Normally you need the Arm64 for Android, which you can get from the mirror link I gave above.
You'll need to sideload it via a file manager or suchlike on your TV if it is actually Android-based (you can probably tell that when you start the TV up by what you get on the splash screen).