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Full Version: XBMC SVN + Ubuntu 8.10 - projectM sluggish
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Hi folks,

I just installed XBMC, such a nice project! I've always wanted to make a HTPC but always found other alternatives (such as MythTV, Mythbuntu and LinuxMCE) too complicated. First of all, thank you very much for this program.

I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid" Alpha 6, which as Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy" comes with PulseAudio enabled by default. Even though I was satisfied with Pulseaudio, I managed to disable it in order to XBMC work perfectly - I read in forums that XBMC is not compatible with PulseAudio, and that was causing cracks and pops in sound.

Now that I don't have PulseAudio anymore, XBMC is nearly perfect. I just have one problem: projectM visualizations are too slow, sluggish, like frame-to-frame. Other visualizations such as waveform and opengl_spectrum are OK. I used the xbmc-svn repository to install.

In order to find out what was happening, I managed to install in another partition Mythbuntu 8.04 (which is essentially the same Ubuntu 8.04 hardy minus PulseAudio plus MythTV), added xbmc hardy repository and XBMC's projectM visualizations worked flawlessly. Any ideas of what could be causing these hiccups in XBMC running on Intrepid?

My setup is:
Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Alpha 6
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
ASUS M2N-VM HDMI (onboard nVidia GeForce 7050 PV / nForce 630a)
2x 1 GB DDR2 800
[email protected] on a 19" LCD via VGA port
You have the NVIDIA drivers installed? Not the ones that come with Ubuntu, but the restricted drivers.
Yes, nVidia v.177 driver installed and
glxinfo | grep direct
direct rendering: Yes
try the standard ppa, and see if that changes anything.
But since I'm running Intrepid wouldn't run a Hardy repository be a problem (libs or anything like that)? Also, could it affect the configuration files (new settings from SVN which didn't existed on previously release)?