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Full Version: XBMC crashes to desktop
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Okay. i need some help and pointers. I am a linux noob so dont expect to much Wink

I have sucesfully ran the live usb on my computer. everything works perfectly when it works. However it seems that after n numbers of reboot xbmc suddenly crashes to a blue desktop. When this first happened i just re created the usb stick from scratch and everything worked nice again. Then it happened again.

if i try to run xbmc from terminal i get this:
"failed to open connection to session message bus: failed to execute dbus-launch to autolaunch D-bus session
Cannot get root display. Is X11 running and is your DISPLAY variable set ?"

I have modified my xorg.conf to run twin vie and clone mode since this is a laptop. as said this works the first 10-15 boots but suddenly it stops working.

I have a feeling this has to do with my xorg.conf file ?

Im running a laptop with nvidia go display adapter.

i did check my xbmc log file and the last entry in it is:
21:06:41 T:3054032768 M:2880143360 DEBUG: Load BlackGradient.png: 8.9ms (bundled)

so i cant seem to find any conclusive from that.
XBMC Live Beta1 under certain conditions (XBMC crashes for example) doesn't restart XBMC automatically.
This has been taken care of in the next release.
nice to hear ! btw keep up your xelent live work. Smile

Oh... is there some log file i can watch that could tell me something about crashes etc on this distro ? im a linux newbie but want to learn.