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Full Version: drive mounting changes...
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Is there some way to prevent that usb drives get different mount names
randomly ?

I have a WD mybook usb drive that usally gets mounted as /media/sdb1
but sometimes and it seems random to me it gets mounted as /media/sdc1

This is a pain when i have shared that drive on my network and offcourse my library stops working.

By doing som reboots it suddenly changes back again.
When i do a lsusb in terminal i can see that my usb devices has changed orders when the mounting is changed.
You should be able to specify it with fstab to mount with uuid.

Although if your sharing from XBMC Live then you could just use the uPnP server instead, XBMC will mount removable devices according to uuid.
Also if your using XBMC Live for sharing with an added smb server you could also name your drive something, ie MyMovies, in windows. XBMC Will consider this when choosing the mountlocation.