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Full Version: x64 Ubuntu + Browsing SAMBA Crashes XBMC, x86 is OK???
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This isn't a question so much as it is a "I got it working" post that some other folks may find helpful. I got all excited when my HTPC hardware arrived and so I went in kindof a hurry when setting stuff up initially. Since today's a day off for me, one of the things I did was basically re-do the software side of things.

I had previous done an install of x64 Ubuntu using Wubi. This means not only was I running the x64 version of Ubuntu, it was all running inside of a sort of virtual file system on an NTFS partition, I think using Fuse or something.

I have been having system hangs when shutting down, which seemed to be caused by the VFS service that makes that sort of file system work. So basically I said "thats stupid" and started over.

My new install is on a partition created by the Ubuntu installer.
I have elected to use Kubuntu because I like KDE better and was using half the utils from KDE under Gnome anyways. So yeah KDE 8.4 x86.

I had read some mentions of the Samba browsing crash bug being related to x64, and honestly don't see any need to go to x64, which is why I gave x86 a try. So far EVERYTHING in XBMC works exactly as expected.

I believe the x64 / x86 difference is the key, but the other stuff may be relevant so I thought I'd mention it here. Thats all. KDE rocks, and XBMC rocks. Even my friends who are Linux nerds are like "woah! What the hell is that?!?!" when they see it. Gotta love it Smile