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Full Version: Setting up DVD automounting
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I like the feature how DVD and other removable media got mounted and appeared atuomatically in video, music, pictures. I think this is also required in order to play DVD videos. I used to run XBMC under gnome in ubuntu to test it and this feature worked out-of-box. However now I have Debian for some other reasons, and this seems to be the only feature broken in Debian. I tried both "autofs" daemon and leaving gnome in background. The DVD got mounted in both cases and I could see the files with 'ls', but XBMC didn't notice anything happening (no DVD disk appearing in the source lists and no autoplay.)

What's the right way to set this up?
Could you give us the full xbmc.log, sounds like halmanager isnt working as suspected. Do other removable media work as it should?

Cheers, tobias