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Full Version: Installing video plugins to the USB stick ?
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what is the easiest method to install some video plugins
like the youtube plugin to the USB stick installation ?

When I have installed XBMC onto an USB stick,
how do I boot into a shell to copy
the plugins to the Ext3 file system into the right folder ?

Is there any easy Nortoncommander clone tool
on the installation ?

I somehow managed to get into the fluxbox
and fiddled with the copy "cp" command,
but I always got the pathes wrong and it did
not copy the folders...
Damn cp comand syntax...

Then I tried it to boot with a knoppix Live CD,
but it only sees the DOS FAT32 folders of
of the USB drive,not the EXT3 system...
So I can not copy anything with it...

So how can I start a good file copy
tool from within XBMC, so that I can easily copy
files additionally onto the USB stick ?

And how do I get into a shell directly from XBMC and
afterwards get back into
XBMC without having to reboot ?

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.
Okay, I have got it.
You have to press ALT + STRG + F1
so you get into the shell editor.
Just login as:
username: root
and then cd to the sda1 harddisk directory and use the
cp -R sourcedirectory destinationdirectory
comand to copy the plugin folders to

Then give the command
and press ALT + F7
so you are back in the XBMC program.

Now under Videos / Videoplugins you see the new

Well, the Shoutcast and Youtube 3
and Ooba plugins do not work on my Live USB stick
with my NVidea 7150 Athlon X2 3800 Motherboard.

How can I watch *.MOV and*.mp4 files and where do I put them ?

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.