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Full Version: How do I get my newly coded scraper added to XBMC's official SVN?
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I have made a scraper for mymovies.it, a films portal for italian users.

I would give it to comunty for improve and test...

Is it possible add to official svn? Huh


link to download: http://www.megaupload.com/it/?d=IGM0NT6B
submit a trac ticket
thank you!!

i had submit a trac ticket...and now wait updates Smile
great job, but also the "ticketed version" has some problems with movies titles, years, generes...

...the scaper find that informations, but don't show them correctily.


Thank you for yous job.
I tried to correct the scraper.
I added some new regexp for:
* title
* year
* genre
* runtime
Together with the "plot", "director" and the Poster, they're the most import fields in my opinion!
It should work now (at least it works over all the movies I tested).
Give it a try!
muttley:bd, you made a really good work!!! I could hardly understand the whole thing since it's very complex... I'm impressed... fortunately adding just some fields was very simple.
LINK for implementation: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/5099
it's updated in svn - cheers!