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Full Version: [WINDOWS] HOW-TO easily get MCE Remote working flawlessly in XBMC with EventGhost
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linko Wrote:Do you have eventghost auto-starting? I think you have to run eventghost as Administrator in order to pick any signals.

Thanks a bunch linko! You were right about "auto-start" , I totally missed that.

Now I just want to set the "green ms button" to start up xbmc and I will be content. Anybody have any tips?
(If i dont explain right please let me know)

Hi all. i have installed latest even ghost, latest xmbc and then tried to follow this guide...

i cant seem to find a way to go back to the main menu... my remote has a back button but i cant seem to figure out how to make it work in event ghost..

here is the remote - Anyware GP-IR01BK
according to people on newegg it will work...

please any help is appreciated.

For Harmony users, check this:

Solved my problems Cool
Just trying to figure this out: As far as I understand, at the moment it's not possible to run EG Mce Remote plugin (MceIr.dll) without Admin privileges (and also UAC turn off), i.e. one needs to login as Administrator to get the remote work, hence running XBMC as normal user can't get the benefit of "using remote control". So, everyone running XBMC as admin? Cheers!!!
MacUsers Wrote:Just trying to figure this out: As far as I understand, at the moment it's not possible to run EG Mce Remote plugin (MceIr.dll) without Admin privileges (and also UAC turn off), i.e. one needs to login as Administrator to get the remote work, hence running XBMC as normal user can't get the benefit of "using remote control". So, everyone running XBMC as admin? Cheers!!!

You'll have to run EG as admin, but as long as you map the remote to key strokes you don't have to run XBMC as admin. And I don't think you have to turn UAC off either, I didn't.
Anyway, I ended up using my Harmony remote as a MCE Keyboard and therefore no need for EG at all.
Hey guys,

I'm new here.

I've built a HTPC based on Windows 7 and I've installed XBMC and Eventghost.

I'm using my Xbox 360 media extender remote to control it.
I've mapped out all the buttons, however I'm having a problem with the repeat delay.

I've loaded the plugins "Media center remote" and "XBMC". In the properties of the media center remote, it has an option to set the repeat delay.

My problem is, if I set it to more than 0.10s, it doesn't repeat any keys if I hold down a button on the remote. However, if I set it to LESS than 0.10s, the keys then repeat as normal.

0.10s is WAY too fast for a repeat delay. I'd much rather 0.15 or 0.20s but for some reason my buttons wont repeat at all when I enter any value high than 0.10. Is there a way to get around this?

P.S. repeat delay works fine with my 'rock' MCE remote, however I don't want to use that one because I much prefer the way that the xbox 360 remote is layed out, plus it has backlighting on all buttons.

Does anyone know of a workaround?
thanks for this great thread! got it all setup and working great. thanks afail for the .xml it saved a lot of time. i just added a context menu button and an aspect ratio button and its perfect. my wife likes XBMC so much better now that she doesnt need to pull out the keyboard and mouse to watch a movie
I am running Windows 7 32 ultimate 7600 RTM
with dual screens connected (one is my 42" LCD tv Screen and the other is my samsung 22" T220P)

Can't make my MCE and XBMC to work.

can anyone explain to me how to do it in EG ?

I added XBMC and MCE plugin, now what ? how do i tell the XBMC plugin to work every time i use the mce, instead of the build-in commands ?

how do i configure the windows key on the MCE to load XBMC ?

help please,
rernst Wrote:My two cents as I managed to get it working flawlessly:
Certain Buttons (Such as the Main Green one) would activate stuff for XBMC and Vista MCE... I just disabled the whole Keyboard Emulation stuff, this way everything that was pressed with the remote only did stuff in XBMC, Not Windows or anything else

The reason this happens is because you have keyboard emulation *and* the XBMC functions active. The proper way to avoid this is to define a 'Global context' which launches XBMC via the green button. Before that happens it is actually quite handy to have the up/down/left/right buttons working as keyboard. When you launch XBMC you switch to a context (like Winamp or VLC player, if you don't know how that works I can explain) which 'only activates' the XBMC folder.

That way you have the buttons available in any other application and no duplicate events in XBMC.

How do you actually go about defining a "global context"?

EDIT: Nevermind, going to use xbox 360 remote.
Ok Im almost done setting up my MCE remote but I feel like Im missing a thing or two. Is there a function to toggle visualizations? And how would I choose my visuals? It all seemed so natural on the XB controller :/

also - Is there a way to have event ghost run a script on a button push? that way I could run my script to minimize al windows, disable 2nd display, and launch XBMC
Got it working wonderfuly following this tutorial. However, i am caught with an irritating problem. Sometmes, the keypresses in my mce remote are not registered by eventghost and thus corresponding action does not happen in xbmc. It happens 50% of the times. I say, theat eventghost does not register the key press because, the IR reciever of my remote, blinks (red light) meaning, its recieving signal from the remote. So i need to like press OK like 3-4 times before it works and event ghost registers only 1 press.

I have been tweaking the repeat response values and sensitivity values, but still does not work

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated
I'm having an issue with EventGhost that when I hit buttons on my remote they don't show up as actions in the Log Panel. I'm using a basic MCE remote and I have the plugin loaded. It used to work but I had to reinstall EG and now for some reason the only button that EG recognizes (mouse, keyboard or remote) is my mouse middle click.

I'm using Win 7 64-bit
Bongu, did you run eventghost as administrator?

I am also using win 7 64 and I have to start EG as admin for it to work.

The problem is, I set the eventghost.exe to always start in admin mode, but now, it won't autostart when windows starts. I have to manually start it every time I reboot. Does anybody know how to fix that??

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Figured it out

Open Task Scheduler (accessories/system tools/), Under library, create folder for Eventghost, inside folder create task

select "when user is logged in" (the other one might work, too, but I didn't test it)
select "run with highest privileges"
(I selected configure for win 7, don't know if it makes a difference)
select tab triggers, "select at system startup"
select actions, select start a program, browse to eventghost.exe
select tab conditions, uncheck everything
select tab setting, uncheck everything and set "do not start a new instance"

next time you restart, it should automatically start as admin
Does anyone know how to emulate right mouse click using EventGhost in XBMC correctly?

I mean, I know how to assign the right mouse click action to my MCE remote button, but the problem is that at the time of button press, the mouse pointer needs to be located at a specific spot on the screen (for example, hovering on a specific button that provides extra options with right-click). So, how do I do that if the mouse pointer is not even visible on the screen when all I have in my hand is the MCE remote (AVS GP-IR01BK)? Without it, executing a right-click over an undefined screen area just makes it behave like clicking a 'back' button.

Nevermind, I think I've figured it out. I need to assign 4 more buttons to emulate mouse movement, I think.
I added the MCE and XBMC plugins in Eventghost.

When I click on this ("execute item") nothing happens:

Shouldn't it actually make a 'pause' in XBMC?
What did I miss?

(I use this remote and need it to work with XBMC out of focus.)
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