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Full Version: XBMC for AppleTV dies when I turn off TV?
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I'm running the XMBC Atlantis beta 2 (installed via the XBMC/Boxee launcher). It works well, except if I start playing some MP3s and then turn my TV off (I have an amp/speakers connected to the analog audio output), the AppleTV seems to crash.

I've recreated this about 4 times in a row - the AppleTV appears to do one of two things:

1) reboot
2) more commonly there will be a 1-second silence before the music resumes, however when I turn the TV back on I get a blank screen. Nothing I do will bring the screen back - not even a 'sudo reboot' via ssh. I have to physically unplug the AppleTV to bring it back to life.

This does not happen in Boxee, only XBMC. I've long suspected the AppleTV has some kind of awareness of whether or not my TV (hooked up via HDMI) is turned on or not, as sometimes it seems to take a few seconds for the display to appear after turning my TV on. Perhaps this is causing some issue with XBMC?
Hi gen0,

there is currently a difference on how Boxee and XBMC are set to frontproccess. This issue is resolved in Launcher 0.3 which will appear in near future. I hope this will also ressolve your problem. If not, please create a ticket and provide /Library/Logs/Console/501/console.log from your Apple TV. Once with Boxee launched where the problem does not appear and once with XBMC where the problem appears. Thanks in advance!
Hi MaestroDD, thanks for your reply.

I didn't get to try this problem out using 0.3 of the Launcher as I've updated to 0.4. The problem persists, although it's not exactly the same. Now I can restore my AppleTV by doing a 'sudo reboot'. Interestingly, doing a 'kill -9' on the XBMC process will get me back to the Finder, but XBMC will never show up on the screen again until I reboot.

I've created a ticket as you suggested: http://code.google.com/p/atv-xbmc-launch...etail?id=6

I also cleared out all the logs from /Library/Logs/Console/501/ and re-created the problem again, but no new logs were written to this location. Do they go to a different place with the new version of the Launcher?
Got the log output back, added them to the ticket now.