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Full Version: themoviedb.org (TMDb) - The Open Movie Database (wiki-based, register and contribute)
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Hmmm I was just quoting from your log, looking at the versions I have installed, you are correct.
I have no idea where to ask this so let me know if I am in wrong place.

I am using latest kodi leia on android 8 and currently I am trying to setup scrapers to detect any anime media I add, I believe I am using this default scrapper and only issue I had was with naming setup that didn't detect video files (to retrieve metadata) at first so that wasn't too much trouble for me but eventually I hit a wall.

Some video files have special ones that contain openings and endings separate from actual episodes but those usually get included with episode playing which I can do in vlc app but in case of kodi... doesn't happen. Default names and altered doesn't do any good so my question is what I need to do to get them included?

Or at very least where to look up information about that.

Edit: it seems in technical term is called order chapter/segment linking for mkv files, is it even possible to play such seperate files together in newest Kodi?
Hi, Plex also uses TMDb, there is an option to download descriptions in Polish and covers in the original version EN. Is it possible to do the same in this addition?
possible feature request for tmdb.

mapping of playlist to description for blurays so that given a bluray iso kodi can query tmdb for the set of playlists that it would care about and expose that to an end user.  Especially valuable for where bluray menus won't work.
Never mind.
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