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pinkpinkpun Wrote:Hi, I have a suggestion fon next themoviedb scraper 1.1.6. In 1.1.4 was added original name - alternative name support. Is incomplete: if I select alternative name, when scraper is saved it is only in original name. For example if there is a japan (original) name and you select english o international title the scraper is saved in japan. It's beller will be saved the selected name not the original (or at least the name, if there is, depending of your language).


Whaaat? XBMC should save the title in your preferred language (certainly id available on tmdb). As always an example and a debug log would help a lot.
My browser is being screwy otherwise I'd post this on the moviedb forums. Anyway, I have a suggestion. Unless I'm missing something, this isn't currently a feature. I think it could be nice to be able to tag a category for the fanarts, allowing scrapers to differentiate between "posed" fanart and fanart that is pulled from scenes of the film. This way, people could choose to prefer the posed fanart for...well, fanart, and then use the screenshot fanart as extrathumbs that many skins now use. Does this make sense? Basically, it would just be nice to have a centralized location to find these sorts of extras, and it would also allow for the possibility of including extrathumbs as a builtin feature of xbmc.
All pictures are not being displayed on themoviedb.org (at the time of writing).
Hey ubuntuf4n,

Where are you located? We seem to be having some weird and random region based problems at the moment.
yea this site is great I did my first fina conversion it came out perfect now im gonna do a test prop and tren combo
okay seems to be fixed.
travisbell, sent you a pm with additional info.
pinkpinkpun Wrote:You have to substitute the "en" expression to "de" expression or the language you want. For example "it" for italians or "fr" for franciais.

I am missing an option, like there is on the IMDB scraper, for selecting "Original title".

I always use original titles no matter what language and when scraping my collection of mostly English movies and a few Danish, German etc. all movies receive English only titles.

I cannot relate to the translated titles for foreign language movies so I prefer the original ones. IMDB does this nicely in the latest scraper version but I prefer TMDb.

I've some problems with the TMDb scrpaer and translated (german) titles.

first instance:

I've added the move 'Hi no tori 2772: Ai no kosumozon' and entered the german title 'Space Firebird'. Fine.
But, the scraper isn't recognize it! Not with automatic scan and not with the correct title. It can only be find with manually search AND shorten the name e.g. 'Space Firebir' or simply 'Space' or a shorten version of the original title.
After that every thing is fine in this case.

second instance:

I've entered up a german translation for 'Les maƮtres du temps (engl.: Time Masters)' >> 'Herrscher der Zeit'.
The same behaviour as above. No automatic detection. Manually only found by shorten the title.


I can select the german version, but in databes it will be stored with the original, french name! Furthermore, I can't find the german poster, i load up.

I've tried several time, my settings are correct (de>german). What I did wrong?

Maybe it's a bug in scraper, because the OFDB scrapper, which is using the posters from TMDb is catching my german poster for 'Time Masters'.

I hope there is a way to solve. I would like to contribute more german stuff to TMDb, but I also want to use it in XBMC.

thanks for audience,


PS: I'm on Kubuntu 10.10 with XBMC 10 an TMDb scraper 1.2.4.

PPS: Forgot to mention: All the other, existing translations are working proper.
Been having an issue with themoviedb scraping for the last two days now. Can't connect to server. Tried imdb but it's just not as good.

Others in IRC told me they were having the same issue. Anyone know what's going on with TMDb?

Not sure what did you mean on imdb not as good, but keep in mind that imdb scraper is also mostly relying on tmdb for scraping artwork...
Our status is directly tied to the status of the "Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (N. Virginia)" region on this AWS Status page: http://status.aws.amazon.com/

As soon as Amazon gets everything back up and running we'll be back shortly thereafter.

Thanks for your patience everyone!
Yesterday themoviedb maked a new important update: now you can downoad the cover by the language!
Please, update the addon.


We don't have this information available via the API yet. For now we're just encouraging people to tag the images properly.
Thanks for responding. Maybe for the future this usefoul feature will be an API.
Another question. Beacouse i'm suscribed in italian language all can suppose that I add posters only in my language. Can you use an authomatism that all my (and the other users for their language) submitted images (already in the archive) are Italian?

Hi. themoviedb.org supports Quicktime trailers. Now, quicktime trailers streaming is often more smooth then youtube trailers for me. So I wonder if someone want to import it in the scraper? And, if several trailers is available, a dialog to select what trailer you want to watch.

I'm running Dharma 10.1 and TMDB v1.4.0 scraper.
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