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Full Version: Sveriges Television v0.94 on Linux
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Anyone got this script working on ubuntu?
This script works perfectly on xbmc for windows.


this is a guess but someone with more knowledge might fill in.

In default.py I found this line self.player = xbmc.Player(xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_MPLAYER) and my guess is that mplayer needs to be changed since the linux port don't use mplayer for video Huh

Maybe, I cant say for sure how we handle that but Im guessing we autochange it if its not available.

Anyhow, be very sure on paths as /Foo isnt the same as /foo in unix world, which it is on windows.

Please provide a Debug Log on when you try to run it, that would help.

Ok. here is the log when i run it on linux:
Installed it as a plugin in ~/.xbmc/plugins/video/

Now when i run it says: Cannot connect to remote server.