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Full Version: Help linux newbie....
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Yesterday install and set up LiveUSB to my comp.
I have some question
1. Volume level so low. When windows loud linux whisper, how make it normaly?
2. How delete XBMCLive from main video screen?
3. Will apple movie trailer work as python script?
4. My plasma display has 853x480 but liveUSB give me only 848x480, how can i make native resolution?


PLS help to customize boot menu LiveUSB - i need to boot only in 1 state.

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I have this personal rule where I don't help people who use being new and inexperienced as an excuse to be lazy.
The volume issue could be that that you have to turn up master volume in alsamixer. That's to fix, just press ctrl + alt + F1 while in xbmc, type alsamixer and press enter, then just turn up the master one. To quit just press Esc and then ctrl + alt + F7 to get back to xbmc.
Nr. 2 don't know, 3, I assumed that AMT was a Python script. 4, Check out xorg.conf, it might get you what you want, though couldn't it be like it is with LCD-screen, where they have a native res. of 1366x768, but you can only have 1360x768?

The last one, come on, it's says clearly in the wiki how to do that, to just come to the forum and ask without even consulting the instructions is just being lazy.
Thanks for answers.
1. I found already Smile - thanks
3. I ask `cose i didn`t find AMT in scripts.
4. I know but i`m windows-oriented and don`t know what i need to add to xorg.conf
my native resolution 853x480 and i have 848x480 but this 5 points i can survive Smile

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Ur principles of life if bad, i hope u understand it not too late.