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Full Version: How to change refresh rate?
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I already asked in several threads, but still no feedback about that.

I am struggling with jitters in horizanal pans in movies and I want to play with the screen refresh rates, trying to find the root cause.

Back to Beta 1, XBMC reported 50hz screen refresh rate while in case of Beta 2, it is reporting 100hz in XBMC system info. I have more jitters in case of Beta 2 with 100hz, so I would like to set it back to 50 or even 24hz, as my plasma display is capable for that.
My xorg.conf is the same in both versions, so the refresh rate is not originated there.

Could anybody help me, how can I modify the refresh rate?
I think Beta2 might have included a automatic refresh-rate changing code, so that is a possible culprit.

I guess simply make your X not use the offending refresh rates. How to do this depends on your graphics card.