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Full Version: Interlaced animation looks Horrible
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I've been using Xbmc for a few months now, & have got it working pretty well (apart from the near 100% Cpu usage i posted about before)

But Im having problems getting an acceptable picture with the region 1 Ntsc DVD of Batman Beyond. Initially I thought it looked really vibrant but when there was any movement the animation was plagued with the dreaded combing effect. I've tried all the de-interlace options & the only ones that get rid of the combing is Bob & De-interlace. But these settings introduce Juddering when panning & Lines change from smooth to very Jaggy.

I have other interlaced Live action DVDS that seem to play fine. This is putting me off watching the Batman Beyond DVDSad not good.

I know i could just hook up my old DVDplayer again but it kinda defeats the purpose of building a dedicated MedaiCentre Pc for the Living room.
Any help on this would be much appreciatedBig Grin
Sadly we currently we don't have any good deinterlacers for dvdplayer in linux.
elupus Wrote:Sadly we currently we don't have any good deinterlacers for dvdplayer in linux.

That's a pity. Are there plans to implement something soon? Don't mean to seem pushy on this but I have a lot of Tv show's & animation on dvd.

I still cant believe Xbmc is free, its so customizable with all the available skins & adons. Im using the Aeon skin right now & it looks amazing.

I know I could use one of the other players on Ubuntu but my Tv has some overscan & you can compensate for this in Xbmc. Maybe someone on here knows of some other Videoplayer that allows you to calibrate for overscan?