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Full Version: [Apple TV] Resolution not set correctly
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I am having a resolution problem with XBMC running on my Apple TV.
I am currently running 2.2 with XBMC Atlantis Beta 2.
After selecting the 720p (16:9) in the resolution settings I end up with the following screen:



I would assume that this is not expected behavior...
Is there a way to make it truly full screen and get rid of the Title bar?
Change the resolution to the one that says 'Fullscreen'.
we really need to re-name those modes to things like
1280x720 (Windowed) to avoid confusion since they are left overs from xbox days

P.S. Nice show in the screenshot great episodes too Smile
d4rk Wrote:Change the resolution to the one that says 'Fullscreen'.

I selected 1280x720 (Full Screen) and it worked fine.
A little bit of tweaking in the Video Calibration and the image is now perfect.

How was your movie playback at that setting?

The reason I ask is that mines not watchable (see my thread -http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=39106 )
Lumpsack Wrote:How was your movie playback at that setting?

The reason I ask is that mines not watchable (see my thread -http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=39106 )

hey lumpsack did you ever get your playback to work properly.. this is my only problem
no, not really - oddly I no-one left their settings either, which would have been a great starting place to troubleshoot from.

Oh well...
I'm having trouble playing xvid 624x352 files. I'm getting stretched content horizontally, with bars on the top & bottom.

Here's the setup:

On a clean install of XMBC on the AppleTV 2.2, from the ATVusb-creator, then ran a XMBC loader update, then a XMBC update to Atlantis Beta 2.

I'm on a 1080i TV setting for the ATV. I launch XMBC for the first time, and it's this tiny window. So, after figuring out that it's the Resolution setting and where that lived, I set it to Fullscreen.

Great! We now have a full size image, and it's not tiny.

I've set up my NAS SMB mount, and it will play xvid files nicely.. but doesn't do the right thing with scaling.

Is the XMBC supposed to do a better job of scaling things? Or should I just set the default movie mode to something else?

Have folks come up w/ the optimum settings for your generic 624x352 xvids? (That's a pretty standard resolution from various sources, including EZTV, etc.)
not sure, still trying to figure out my issue i had similar problems, in that when i loaded xbmc for the first time i had the tiny screan but my xvids,img, etc files will play smoothly. since i change it to full screan everything comes through choppy the video is choppy (about 10 seconds) behind the audio. still trying to figure out what wrong, since i dont see alot of users complaing about this problem.