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Full Version: MC360 bug on the latest versions
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There is a problem with skin MC360 for latest versions XBMC.
Lock screen on blade named XBMC Live, doesn't crash, music still plays, but I can't to change between blades.
Guide (start) working, but nothing else working.
Yu just need to update the skin since the removal of xLink Kai from XBMC it caused a bug I fixed it in the SVN a while ago but blackbolts site isn't updated yet. So you can either get a new version from the svn or download the one from here
http://blackmarket.ictcsc.net/files/skins/ <-- yes it is a trusted site
It's working.
I'm using Linux OS, there's no viruses fo' me.

Another bug

Screen displays info about space on the HDD
But it displays only memory in use, there's no info about total memory.
i.e.25412MB free of 151457MB
How Can I fix it?
I have noticed a minor bug on the latest version, nothing major at all. If you go to

System Settings > System Info > Storage

At the very bottom of the screen it says something like Total: 50% Free

The bug is that this information stays on the screen if you now move between other information like 'Hard Disk' and also crashes into the text displaying the date.

Maybe this is just my version?


this bug is exactly the same as the post above.