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Full Version: IMDB Scraper excludes rar archives?
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Hi folks!

Does the IMDB Scraper exclude RAR archives when scraping info into Library?

When setting up with; Set Content, IMDB, Use Foldernames for Lookup, Run Automated Scan.

When done scraping - it seems like it only completes successfully on folders containing a avi/mkv or other typical video source file.. none of the folders containing rar archives gets scanned with info or coverart.

Folder structures is all the same, example follows..

BACKUPS -> (this is the level i set contents)
-> CD1
-> CD2
absolutely nothing to do with the scraper.

enable transparent archives in settings
nice! now it works. thanks spiff.
Sorry if Im bumping this one but I feel it wasn't necessary for me to make a new thread.

Im having the same problem as thread starter and im using the skin Mediastream.

But the thing is, my TV Shows works perfect. It get the information from the scraper as it supposed to, I have everything in .rar. But with my movies it doesnt work. I wont get the information while they are in rar. Unrared it work..

I cannot find that enable transparent archives in settings either :/
@ Orio: Try looking here

It should be under Settings > Appearance > View Options
nicoli_k Thank you very much! Smile