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Full Version: Minor Horizontal Tearing(?) On All Video Output?
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So I've now run XBMC under several flavors of Ubuntu, as well as Mint Linux (where I'm at now), with 3 different graphics solutions.
I was using the a built in Intel GMA 3100 with HDMI out, then moved to an old GeForce 7300 GT via DVI to HDMI adaptor, and finally got a new Radeon HD 3450, also using DVI to HDMI adaptor.
The two constants have been XBMC and my screen and resolution.

I'm using an Olevia 32" LCD, running at the native 1360 by 768 resolution @ 60 Hz. Please note this is my desktop resolution for both Windows XP and Linux and that playing the same content using other things like Kaffeine and VLC results in perfect output.

in XBMC, whenever stuff is moving horizontally across the frame, it seems to "tear" around the middle of the frame, like the upper half and lower half of the screen are slightly off. I've played around with the settings but don't really know what I'm looking for.

Some sort of interlace handling issue? I'm sure this is some stupid settings issue because like I said, other software doesn't have this problem so I know the hardware is OK.
Same problem here....using Ubuntu Hardy with a Radeon HD 3450 also.
It is a general problem with the radeon drivers.

However, there might be some good news in the near future. If you have a 4000 series card you might already be able to take advantage of this now. It requires that you got the newest radeon driver and have set mplayer in XBMC (i have no idea how you do that, but you would probably have to recompile XBMC to do this) to use AMD's XvMc renderer.

More info here: http://www.phoronix.com/forums/showthrea...#post50209

Actually I have no idea if it will remove tearing, hence my response to the thread in the link.
Crispy did you read my post? Specifically the part where I say I had this problem with the Intel GMA 3100 and a GeForce 7300 as well as my current Radeon HDHuh If its a problem with the Radeon drivers, how would that cause the same behavior using a totally different adaptor? And if it were a driver issue wouldn't it affect ALL video output and not just video output in XBMC? Not to be a jerk, I just think your explanation is bogus.
One presumes vsync is enabled.
I have the same problem with a GF8600GT

Where do I disable v-sync ?
He meant you need to switch it on and its in Settings\appearence