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Full Version: Can xbmc-eventclients-wiiremote be updated to use libbluetooth3 on Ubuntu Intrepid?
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Trying to get the Wii Remote to work with XBMC using Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10).

Looks like all of the xbmc-common parts have been updated to use the libbluetooth3 package, but the xbmc-eventclients-wiiremote still has a dependency on libbluetooth2 (which I'll have to get from somewhere else for it to work).
I think you should be able to install this http://packages.ubuntu.com/sv/hardy/libbluetooth2

and try again.
Although wiiremote should work with the new libbluetooth3 but the dependencies havent been bumped, so you could svn down the source and compile it yourself.

Cheers, Tobias
I installed the Hardy libbluetooth2 package last night and that worked fine.

Mainly posted to see if the package dependency can be resolved so it's a bit easier for anyone else that runs into that problem.

Thanks for the reply back.

Makefile must be modifier to compile right :

CXX ?= g++
CFLAGS = -Wall -pipe -fPIC -funroll-loops
OBJ_DIR = release-$(shell $(CC) -v 2>&1|grep ^Target:|cut -d' ' -f2)
OBJS = wiiuse_v0.12/src/$(OBJ_DIR)/libwiiuse.so
BIN = WiiUse_WiiRemote
VERSION = v0.12

        @$(MAKE) -C wiiuse_$(VERSION)/src $@
        $(CXX) $(CFLAGS) -I./wiiuse_$(VERSION)/src WiiUse_WiiRemote.cpp $(OBJS) -o $(BIN) -l bluetooth
        @$(MAKE) -C wiiuse_$(VERSION)/src
        rm $(OBJS) $(BIN)

i have just add the -l bluetooth