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Full Version: problems with MC360 skin
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I had problems with XBMC so I upgraded to the latest version, now when I use my MC360 skin, on reboot it locks the system up. the plades pop up but no text at all and no control. I deleted and used the new MC 360 skin and the same problem. Is there anything else I can do to fix this issue.

It was fixed about a week ago in svn. Removing guisettings.xml (or editting it and changing the skin to something other than mc360) will fix it in the meantime.
I removed the guisettings file and renamed the mc360 file but did the same thing on reboot.
Should I try reinstalling XBMC?
tried reinstalling it and removed the setting.xml in the udata folder, still locks up after resetting the skin, it will work fine until reboot.