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Full Version: Problem with Title and Info key in FullscreenVideo
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Using XBMC 8.10 2008-11-13 PM3.HD

"Title" and the "Info" Key (Remote) or "T" and "I" Keyboard have not the correct function as described in the Online Manual. The functionality is invert.

Title -> Info
Info -> Codecinfo

Description in the Online Manual
Quote:During movie playback pressing the ' button (Display on the remote) will toggle between the movie and the GUI, while pressing the White button (Info on the remote) will toggle the movie play time and total play time. Pressing the Black button (Title on the remote) will show the some information regarding the currently playing video stream (such as codecs, framerate and so on - Codecinfo.)

A additional problem is that the handling of the keys is different.
On my windows XBMC I use only a keyboard.
If I press "I", the codecinfo is show and press again "I" the codecinfo isnĀ“t show.
If I press "T", the movie info is show, but with the next pressing "T" the movie info is always show, to switch off the movie info I must press "Esc" or "I".

I think the correct behavior is, with the first click on the key the correct function will visible, and with a second press on the key the correct function is invisible.
This should have been fixed a while back.
Do you by any chance have a keymap.xml in userdata? (if so try backing it up / removing or renaming it)
Thanks, so it works fine.

I will update my keymap.xml