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Full Version: Anyone else thought of this???
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While I have been rebuilding my Xbox HDD ( next is my PC Sad ) I had this thought.......

What if FanArt was made to reflect the skin on which it would be ran? Like MediaStream specific FanArt.

This "specific" FanArt could utilize the feel "or look, I should say" of said skin allowing Movie information to be, not apart of the skin (by disabling it in the settings for the skin), but by means of the FanArt. ( and also people who run in Files Mode could have Movie Info without having to worry with Librarys)

Would this allow "heavily layered" skins to not use so much RAM?

Therefore decreasing the load and improve performance on the xbox.

This is not a thread where I am saying "This should change" or "This is better"......This is just a simple "Let's ponder the idea of this together".

What are your thoughts?
Sorry FourTwentySmilz, but you must have gotten some good dank recently (care to send some my way?)... lol just had to make a joke!

The very first incarnations of fanart was sort of like how you describe. People would mask areas of the fanart in black so the xbmc/front end software could properly show movie/show info. This was before skin makers built the mask in the skin rather then the fanart like they do now...


Though the above is not exactly like how you describe, it has the exact same problem(s).

The largest problem is that people would have to create multiple versions of the same fanart to support all the different skins/mods/front end software.

As fanart is right now, if I make 1 fanart, I know it can be used in Meedio, XBMC, popcorn hour, Xlobby etc with ANY of their skins. The current fanart standard allows for a single site like the themoviedb.org to store these fanarts so ALL the HTPC community can use, contribute and enjoy.

If we were to customize fanart too much you will not be able to benefit from everyone in the HTPC community making fanart. Only the people making fanart for your skin.

What if the skinner wants to change the layout of his skin... everyone would have to redo all their work, I have uploaded 300+ and I would be pissed if I had to do them all over again...