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Full Version: Is there an updated MythTV script tutorial
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Hey all,

I have been searching for an updated tut on Myth and XBMC all that I can find is related to the xbox. Is there an updated version for the Atlantis release somewhere or is it the same script.

I have or should say I am still reading the unified pvr project details but I am wondering if there is something we can do now with xbmclive or is a full Ubuntu install required for the back end. Sorry if some of this stuff is repetitive.

I would love to see a client/server version of XBMC as the ultimate version if ever one was to develop. Allowing us the ability to store on the server apps, scripts, a common db across clients and possibly pxe bootable diskless thin clients would be awesome, thus adding new boxes would be a cinch once the server was running. I am just throwing out ideas here and in no way knocking what xbmc currently is doing and the people involved in making it happen. It is fantastic!