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Full Version: Weird colors and quirky screen in video playback
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Hi everyone!

I'm using XBMC for a very, very long time now on my old XBOX, but as new technologies arise (1080p!) my old friend is not able to do me those viewing pleasures anymore. Time to move on!

I bought an ASUS Pundit P2-M2A690G barebone, a nice dual-core AMD CPU and installed "Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy" for AMD64 and Gnome. Everything went fine so far and after some issues with the audio via HDMI and ATI graphics (solved via 'envyng') I went on to video playback - the first time with XBMC under Linux using a very basic video, nothing special: One Piece HD Fansub (mp4).
Having started the playback the screen went on to fullscreen seperating the video in two halfes with weird colors and an even stranger screen. See for yourself in this screenshot I took: http://storage.nordinary.com/XBMCMediaCe...4Hardy.png

Do you know what could be the cause for that? I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find any answer... Sad

Thanks VERY, very much!
"everywhere" eh? search the forums for "glrectanglehack"
At least almost everywhere. The search criteria I used, were obviously of minor quality. Thank you kind sir.