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Full Version: Problems with external lcd display
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Ok, so I have been successfully using xbmc with a Hipermedia (HMC-2K53A-A0) case through several pre-8.10 SVNs without a problem. Things took a turn for the worse after I rebuilt using SVN 16272. I updated because I requested some new remote control functionality.

I am now running SVN 16477, Ubuntu 8.04 and my problem is as follows:

The external LCD display on my case no longer works in xbmc. Outside of xbmc, it seems to function properly. When I execute LCDd, it shows the normal "LCDproc Server" information, but as soon as I launch xbmc, it goes dark.

I have noticed a few different entries in my xbmc log file, which seems to point towards xbmc not being able to detect the rows and columns correctly.

23:47:17 T:3067344704 M:1994866688 NOTICE: DONE initializing playlistplayer
23:47:17 T:3067344704 M:1994866688 DEBUG: XLCDproc::Initialize - LCDproc data: Columns 18 - Rows 1852140901.
23:47:17 T:3067344704 M:1994866688 NOTICE: load default skin:[MediaStream]

I have no idea where this crazy value for Rows is coming from. I have even tried to manually specify the Rows as 2 in advancedsettings.xml using <rows>2</rows>, under the <lcd> heading.

When I specify the row size in advancedsettings.xml, I get this in the xbmc log

23:49:27 T:3067946816 M:1988546560 DEBUG: XLCDproc::Initialize - LCDproc data: Columns 18 - Rows 0.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

I have followed the installation instructions for this display type from the tutorial on http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Futaba. This worked fine for me before updating the installed version of xbmc.

This happened to me too. It seem to have changed something, but having the lcd.xml file in the /usr/share/xbmc/userdata folder as well as your own userdata folder seems to help. Occasionally this is still a problem. I'm trying to narrow it down.
Okay, I was wrong. Now it's not working at all. Sort of.

Seems to be a problem in the way it initializes LCDProc, because when I run an older version that works, it will usually work in the new version as well.

Interestingly enough, it works more often when I launch with a script that sets the user and XBMC_HOME variables before launching. Even after running a working version, if I run xbmc from the command line the LCD remains blank.

I'm about to start going back through previous revisions to see if I can find the one that broke it...

Any ideas?
I went back to 16203 (Because 16204 had an LCDProc change) and it works fine.

Now I have to work my way forward till I find which one broke it.

I also had a problem in the last few days of starting up in window mode when run at startup from xbmc in the sessions control panel. Older versions don't do that either, but one thing at a time.

16204 wasn't the problem. I'm compiling 16383 (just sort of split the difference) and we'll see if the prob was before or after that ver. I'll report back when it's done.

Okay, it's broken in 16383. I guess I'll split the different again and go halfway back between 383 and 204 = 16294 or thereabouts....

16294... works fine
16339 works.
Ya know, you could just wait until you figure out which version broke it and post that one. The play by play is really unnecessary.
I know, I just wanted folks to know that I was workin' on it.

I'll report back when I find it out.
Oh well. Good news.

Problem seemed to be around 16373, but it doesn't matter because I compiled 16612 last night to double-check, and it seems to be fixed already.

Thanks guys! You're making life easy.