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Full Version: No DVD Icon with PM3HD
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From what I've seen, a little optical disk icon pops up next to the Favorites/Shutdown icons on the PM3 skin when a DVD or CD is inserted. I'm not getting this result. When I insert a DVD into my drive, nothing happens. If I go into Videos (non-Library mode), go to the disk's VIDEO_TS folder and manually start it, everything works perfectly.

I think it's because I have two drives: one CD-ROM and one DVD-RW. I've had problems in the past where applications assume that my CD-ROM drive is my DVD player. Is there any way to set the DVD-ROM path in XBMC (or check to make sure it is correct)?

I'm not home right now, but I can submit a log later if necessary.
I get the same yellow box. Could be a problem with you setup. Please post the info as per the first link in my signature.
I just disconnected my CD-ROM drive, set the DVD drive to primary, and it works perfectly. I never use the CD-ROM drive anyway - it's just wasting space. It might be something messed up with my Ubuntu installation.
sounds like a bug. please file a ticket.