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Full Version: Misdetecting FPS (16.7/20fps) when powernow is activated
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I'm running trunk (R16479) on Ubuntu 8.10 on a GeForce 8200 board with an Athlon X2 6000+ CPU.

When powernowd is activated, XBMC tends to misdetect the FPS of video streams at ~16.7fps or 20fps (depending on the actual stream fps), and playback is subsequently very jerky.

Deactivating powernowd fixes the issues, no fps misdetection occurs.

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my best guess is that powernowd is messing with the computers clock. hardly much we can do about that.
Hm. clock_gettime() really shouldn't be influenced by the CPU frequency changes. I've been looking through the source, but so far haven't found anything where XBMC would rely on something CPU-speedish...

I'd very much liked to get cpu frequency scaling to work in conjunction with XBMC, since it's important to building a low-noise HTPC.

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