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Full Version: no sound samsung ln46a630 from xbmc linux help needed (not your usual newb sound prob
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Hi I installed xbmc live on a system and have it hooked up to a samsung ln46a630 tv via a dvi to hdmi cable and a line out to rca sound cable. It's plugged into hdmi2 as per the TV's manual. When I play a video I get no sound while watching the video, but if I ctrl-alt F1 into a terminal I can hear the sound for the movie that is playing. If I then ctrl-alt F7 back into xbmc I get no sound again (the movie is still viewable and playing). I have plugged headphones into the line out and sound is indeed coming out of the computer in both instances. Any suggestions on fixing?
fixed it. the TV was being dumb (it was using the non-existant hdmi audio, instead of the rca). I had to go into the technician menu (turn tv off, hit - 1 8 2 then power) and turn the audio for hdmi2 from auto to dvi.