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Full Version: new kernel
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hey all,

So I have been playing around with an Asus M3n78-VM with vga, dvi and hdmi with the VT1708b Azalia Audio chipset.

I have been trying to get hdmi audio to playback with it via XBMCLive.

I am not 100% certain that the updated drivers for Nvidia we are installing are doing anything at all or updating for that matter.

I have upgraded alsa to the latest 1.0.18a driver, .18 libs, .18 utils and it makes no difference. Now with an install of ubuntu (K) on another test when listing aplay -l or aplay -L I get an Nvidia HDA HDMI audio output in the config when I do the same on live with the new alsa drivers I do not get this listed with aplay.

HDMI audio needs at least the Nvidia 177.80 driver. the latest is 177.82 but I believe that kernel 2.6.25 has support in it it for all the latest HDMI Audio chipsets.

I do not even get a iec958 switch in alsamixer to try and unmute

My reason behind this is with that board the spdif does not work either via the switch in the bios we are missing software switch that is in the latest kernel with a vt1708b patch.

So has anyone tried to update there kernel with live yet I would be interested to here if you have had any luck.