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Full Version: Black screen on fullscreen playback.
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I have a 1gz Pentium, 512 with an GV-R7064T (Radeon 7000) agp card (there is an onboard video, that i dont use), running Ubuntu 8.04 (Mint XFCE with xbmc installed from the package manager from xbmc).

It plays the files fine when not in full screen (the mini viewers) but when i go full screen it goes black, but i can still hear the sound. When I pause it pauses and shows the video still image ( I have to set it to bob for image to look right).

If I go into the settings, and I turn on debug messages, which shows fps, cpu usage etc, it then plays the video on full screen, without any problems, with the fps and other info on the top of the screen.

Does this sound odd? Am i missing something? How can i fix this?