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Full Version: 38Hz refresh rate problem also in the LIVE version.
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I already posted this problem in the Linux section but now i tried Live and the problem is the same.

Whatever resolution i set in the xbmc appearence/screen i only get 37-38Hz when i press "S" and i go to info. I can clearly see that the anomations are not as fluids like in the Windows version.

If i set the wait for verical sync option it changes to 30Hz.

My hardware is an M3N78-PRO with Nvidia 8300 integrated graphics and a Samsung 40" LCD TV.

I am about to test it with full gnome installation now, because so far i only tested it with bare xorg installed (with Intrepid Ibex)

Any help is really wellcome.
No need to post again.. Stick with your other thread. Closing it.