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Full Version: Is there a "manual' way to look up music?
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The scraper dosent pick up the album sometimes...so i have to select "i" then "refresh" and all is ok...but there a few albums i just can't get..

for e.g.

/Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds [2005] #320kbs

01 - Woman Of Mass Distraction.mp3
02 - Perfect.mp3
03 - You Make Me Wanna.mp3
04 - Dirty Diamonds.mp3
05 - The Saga Of Jesse Jane.mp3
06 - Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies).mp3
07 - Pretty Ballerina.mp3
08 - Run Down The Devil.mp3
09 - Steal That Car.mp3
10 - Six Hours.mp3
11 - Your Own Worst Enemy.mp3
12 - Zombie Dance.mp3
13 - Stand (feat. Xzibit).mp3

I checked the allmusic.com it's the same sequence of files.
Can you somehow how enter the "manual' option?

OK thanks for the link...

will look into it..