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Full Version: fanart download problems ?
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Some movies doesn't give me automatic fanarts .
Also when i want to do it manually
there is no option to download fanart .
Movie example : millions, monster
i look on http://www.themoviedb.org/movie and i see fanart for those 2 movies.Am i doing something wrong?

i use fanart on my xbox
What XBMC version?
what skin? (the original PM3 skin does not support movie fanart)
you may need to update XBMC to a newer build or update the scraper from its SVN
it's not that i dont got fanart at all
the problem is that of the 90 movies more than 20 movies don't show fanart.
and when i look at in xbmc at movie information--- fanart.
there is no option to download fanart
and than i look at the site themoviedb.org there is fanart present for those movie.
of fanart download option
and screenshot of no download option
and yes i know it says thumbnail,but this truly is the fanart option

i got the xbmc version of T3CH XBMC 2008-12-07 SVN rev16491.
by the way is there also away to see your version within xbmc?
and can you explain what you mean with update the scraper from its SVN ?

i use a mod of pm3 download here topic about this here
also i tried this with pm3hd and latest MediaStream v1.00 to see if it
skin related.but all those skins got the same problem.
I always thought the reason it doesn't give you an option to download, was from the info it got when it first scrapped the movie. If you exported the movedb file and looked the movie it usually has entrys linking to the fanart and the thumbnail ect ect. But if you hard code these in with .nfo files for your movies, unless you add them in the .nfo the scrapper has no link to look at.

What your getting when you scrap and what's on the site seems to be the norm for now at the moviedb site. As far as I know it has nothing to do with the XBMC or the scaper whats so ever. It seems there are lots of times the stuff on the site is not up to date with what the API of the site is giving out to the scraper. I tend to scrap the site as normal then after that download the rest from the site directly when this happens. Also another good choice would be to use the XBMC Media Companion from billyad2000.

As for the PMIII Fanart skin mod; it doesn't have the ability to "manually" add "movie" fanart. The scraper will grab it when you do a update scan but I never built in a button to manually just grab the fanart like PM3HD has. I'll take a look at the code over the holidays and see what I can come up withHuh
i try to look in XBMC Media Companion .
but what if you have lots of movies on xbox harddrive.
is XBMC Media Companion also possible to use for the xbox?
or you have to ftp your movies on your pc?

i know PMIII Fanart skin mod doesn't have that option
as you can see i used pm3 hd for the screenshot
tikkiew Wrote:i try to look in XBMC Media Companion .
but what if you have lots of movies on xbox harddrive.
is XBMC Media Companion also possible to use for the xbox?
or you have to ftp your movies on your pc?

Easy to fix there. Make an empty text file and save it as "moviename.avi"
put these in a new directory on your computer hard drive. Then have the XBMC Media Companion scrape those. Then just FTP the fanart, thumbnails or what ever you needed back to your XBOX hardrive. As long as you named the fake movie files the exact same as the ones on your XBOX hard drive they will already be in the right naming format. Just don't forget to NOT transfer your "fake" movie
Travisbell Administrator from themoviedb.org

Quote:XBMC is using the older no-longer-supported API. There are lots of backdrops that are likely not going to show up for XBMC users. This has been fixed in the latest SVN nighties as well as, the next beta release.