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Full Version: MCE Remote
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I'm planning to buy a remote control to use with XBMC. I read that MCE remote seems to work fine with XBMC on Ubuntu, so I think I will go with this.
I'm just wondering if it's better to go with an original MCE remote from Microsoft or if a clone (cheaper) could do the job as well. Something like this one (http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?s...ure=Others).

Is the IR receiver coming with these remotes can eventually be used with a Logitech harmony (if I decide to buy one someday...Nod) ?

thanks for your help
If the remote's receiver works then yeah it will be fine with a Harmony. Don't know if that remote will work but check with the Myth or Lirc sites to see if anyone has tried it. Otherwise it's a chance but at least not a really expensive one - let us know if it works!Wink
I bought a no-name mce remote, a DEC-200B and found that it works great, just plugged in the receiver via USB and it came right up, so it is not necessary to pay the man for an MCEUSB remote.